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Stephen's work with glass has stretched from his early college days until now; shifting from the more traditional stained glass techniques to the fused glass methods he uses now.


While fused glass plates, tiles, boxes and jewelry are the most frequent designs he makes, he also produces other unique items.

After years of working with glass, about four years ago Stephen began making fish sculptures. His first pieces won third place in the Michigan Fine Arts Competition (with a $1000 award). He has since extended his fish designs to include fish made from paddles, fish on stands, two-sided fish as well as a variety of sizes of the wall fish.


While some fish are made from ping-pong and Smashball racquets, most begin with a vintage crutch. These fish are then given fins, tails, filled with unique items, wrapped with wire, then named.


Stephen's fish can be found in homes, restaurants, business places - and of course, many galleries.

Raenette has an eclectic approach to art. She sometimes describes her work as "art for children," but that is due the colorful and playful nature of her work.


Raenette works with mosaics, small found objects, wood, and jewelry. She creates mosaic letters and numbers, "toy" letters, mirrors, boxes, jewelry, and a variety of fabric items.

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